CUP&CINO - Kaffee Tradition

The history of the CUP&CINO brand

Family, tradition and milestones

You cannot build dedication in others without being dedicated yourself. The CUP&CINO team is 100% dedicated to providing premium-quality coffee – and everything that makes coffee consumption more of an experience, more convenient and more sustainable. We can only achieve this if we bring all the small details harmoniously in balance with one another. And that’s the very core of our philosophy!

2018 -State-of-the-art coffee machines

2018 is dedicated to the development of innovative, state-of-the-art machines. The BaristaONE is the first hybrid portafilter machine that features the in-house developed Miracle Milk Foam Technology, which allows two different kinds of hot and cold milk. The company revealed the finished product at the Internorga and will launch it on the market in August 2018. The Barista Startup featuring Miracle Milk Foam Technology was launched at the beginning of 2018. This concept allows a wide range of different businesses, offices and service providers that only need up to 50 cups a day on their site to benefit from a coffee system that delivers speciality coffees of outstanding quality and a diverse product range.

CUP&CINO are expanding their premises in Hövelhof. At the moment, the headquarters are still overrun with demolition diggers. However, the dust will soon clear and make way for the new company headquarters.

2017 - the CUP&CINO Foundation

2017 CUP&CINO established the CUP&CINO Foundation – a project particularly close to the heart of CEO Frank Epping. This foundation provides clean water for children and young people in Ethiopia, thus improving their quality of life. What does supporting the foundation involve? Every customer who supports the CUP&CINO Foundation donates 2 cents for every serving of coffee. Because CUP&CINO covers all the marketing and management costs, 100% of all donations flow directly into the foundation – making sure that donations end up exactly where they are needed.

2016 - The new Business Class and the mobile CUP&CINO Express solution

2016 was the year of the Business Class. With the aim of successfully establishing these new coffee machines, CUP&CINO exhibited at a large number of trade fairs including those for the hotel and catering industry, as well as fairs dedicated to the petrol station, convenience and office segments. Trade fair visitors are always impressed by the cold milk foam, as well as chilled coffee specialities such as the White Hill. In order to optimise the efficiency of the new Business Class range of fully automatic coffee machines, CUP&CINO brought out the mobile solution CUP&CINO Express, which brings the coffee machine to where the customer needs it. This mobile base cupboard contains tanks for fresh water, waste water and coffee grounds, making it the perfect solution for events, parties, trade fairs, beer gardens and ice-cream shops.

2015 - The new Business Class.

2015 CUP&CINO released their new Business Class in time for the Internorga in Hamburg. The impressive feature of this new generation coffee machine is its sensational milk foam – both hot AND cold. It also offers exceptionally easy cleaning, providing even greater convenience for customers. This new technology means that small businesses, stores and offices no longer have to miss out on first-class quality coffee. The new Business Class caters for all needs from 20 cups a day upwards – ranging from smaller companies and fitness centres to restaurants and petrol stations serving a large number of cups per day. CUP&CINO also developed the PIAZZA furniture range for the Business Class. The two design collections – Rustico and Modesta – blend in perfectly with any style of interior and create a cosy coffee-shop atmosphere in every type of room.

CUP&CINO launched a new online concept mid-September, allowing them to promote all the benefits of the new Business Class collection. The website features a modern design, as well as the latest tools that enable quick communication, such as live chat and a call-back service.

2014 - Expansion of the field service team.

2014 saw CUP&CINO focusing on optimising customer satisfaction by expanding their field service team to improve the technician’s response time. At the end of the year, CUP&CINO opened their first 100% Pantiamo in Lippstadt. This new concept was created by our food development team to extend their product range and further modernise the image.

2013 - The Foam Master: latte art-quality frothed milk.
2013 To coincide with the Internorga in Hamburg, CUP&CINO released a new fully automatic coffee machine that produced sensational results with frothed milk. The Foam Master produces latte art-quality frothed milk at the touch of a button. Customers can select any of 50 different products – both hot and cold – on a state-of-the-art touchscreen, and impress their guests with the latest fashionable drinks. CUP&CINO opened its first Pantiamo® in Paderborn in August and a second one in Schwerte in December. These Pantiamo® outlets were the first two of CUP&CINO’s new franchise chain to be launched on the market. Both cities can now enjoy the irresistible Italian joie de vivre.
2012 - Introduction of the fully automatic coffee machine Chicco.

2012 CUP&CINO revolutionised the business world with its fully automatic coffee machine Chicco, which delivers the same high standard of CUP&CINO quality as CUP&CINO’s other machines – just in a cheaper, low-maintenance model. The innovative milk granulate, Granulatte – made from 100% low-fat milk with no added sugar or additives – means that customers can still enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without having to spend time cleaning the milk unit. The introduction of the Spaqu water fountain means that CUP&CINO now include the whole spectrum of healthy drinks in their portfolio for office customers. The new office furniture concept allows CUP&CINO customers to enjoy their coffee in their individually designed coffee shop in the office.

2011 - Facebook, Twitter and Apps.

2011 CUP&CINO met with resounding success with innovations in the social media field. The coffee company launched its Facebook and Twitter presence, as well as on other social media networks. February 2011 saw the release of the new CUP&CINO app in the App Store and for Google Android – available as a free download.  The app features a CUP&CINO branch locator, a fun latte-art game and an innovative coupon system that allows coffee connoisseurs to redeem coupons for current special offers in any of the CUP&CINO branches. The company announced plans to expand its media presence with digital signage in 2011.

2010 - Two more coffee houses opened.

2010 Two additional coffee houses opened in January and February.

On 15 January, CUP&CINO expanded its warehousing and logistics facilities with an additional 3800 m2.

The new generation of machines, PURA C and PURA CI as well as the Spectra CS Foam Master, extended CUP&CINO’s coffee machine portfolio and enabled them to conquer the hot and cold drinks market. These new coffee machines are also able to serve cold drinks, such as the ICE cappuccino with ice cubes, at the touch of a button.

2009 - TEAaMO - ICE TEA.

2009 The premium tea concept TEAaMO was further reinforced with the addition of another range – TEAaMO ICE TEA – to the portfolio. This coincided with the launch of the double-walled macchiato glass. The new ‘Club’ design in the Shop-within-a-shop collection – which features an optional in-store TV concept – was launched in the convenience segment. The new concept enables CUP&CINO head office to play relevant advertising trailers via mobile communication technology on the in-store devices.

CUP&CINO expanded their range of machines with their first semi-automatic machine – the new premium barista concept, Macchiato plus 12. The CUP&CINO Academy also opened its doors for the first time.  Germany’s Master Barista Matthias Lincke joined the Academy as Training Director.

A further coffee house was opened, this time in Medan, Indonesia.

2008 - TEAaMO Teebags.

2008 The premium tea concept, TEAaMO became available in teabags for the catering industry and convenience segment.

The range was launched with an initial selection of 6 premium teas.

The tea bags are filled with tea leaves.

To coincide with this launch, CUP&CINO also released a tea humidor for the catering industry.

A premium display stand holding 6 varieties of

tea was developed specifically for the convenience segment.

The company developed new food concepts for its coffee house division and began launching these

in March 2008. Three additional coffee houses opened in Germany in 2008.

CUP&CINO signed with a new master franchise partner in Romania and planned a network of approx. 30 coffee houses, as well as the expansion of the shop-within-a-shop concept for book stores.

2007 - the organic TEAaMO and coffee concept.

2007 CUP&CINO launched their organic TEAaMO and coffee concept.

The company introduced 2 new coffees – café creme and espresso – sourced from the best coffee-growing regions in Mexico and Peru. These speciality coffees were first sold in 250g packs in CUP&CINO’s coffee houses in order to raise consumer interest in this organic coffee. Not only is this coffee organic, but it is also produced according to fair-trade regulations, allowing it to carry both the organic ‘BIO’ and ‘Fair Trade’ labels. The TEAaMO range of teas was expanded with a further 6 organic teas that were sold in 100 g packs.

CUP&CINO developed a new furniture concept, offering small shop-within-a-shop solutions.

Seven additional coffee houses were opened in Germany.

2006 - The new speciality hot chocolate, Latte Pralino.

2006: launch of the new speciality hot chocolate, Latte Pralino. CUP&CINO set another new trend in the German market when they became the first company to use solid chocolate for this hot beverage concept for the catering industry.

CUP&CINO launched the brand ‘TEAaMO® – Ich liebe Dich!’ (TEAaMO – I love you!), adding another range to the existing concepts in their portfolio. The range consisted of 10 premium teas, served in either high-quality china cups or in a matching, modern-looking glass.

The largest coffee house in Lippstadt, Germany, was opened with 350 m2 of floorspace.

CUP&CINO opened their first Taiwanese coffee bar in Taipei. This coffee bar concept serves CUP&CINO’s entire range of high-quality products in 67 m2, including Mediterranean breakfasts, salad, snacks and delicious ice cream, as well as fashionable cocktails in the evening.

2005 - New coffee houses in Chile, Athens and Riga.

2005 CUP&CINO opened coffee houses in Chile, Athens and Riga.
They entered the Kuwait and Saudi Arabian markets at the end of 2005. The world’s largest CUP&CINO coffee house – with 375 m2 of floor space – opened in Saudi Arabia.

2004 - Coffee-house concepts in Spain, Chile, Indonesia and Qatar.

2004 The following new countries were included in the coffee-house concept: Spain (Europe), Chile (South America), Indonesia (Asia) and Qatar (Middle East).

By the end of 2004, CUP&CINO had attracted several thousand customers with their coffee systems and shop-within-a-shop concept, and was operating 32 coffee houses under the CUP&CINO Group brand.

2003 - The first coffee house in Austria.

2003 The first coffee house became established in Austria and met with immediate success. CUP&CINO presented their new concept at the Anuga 2003 and received serious enquires from many different countries. The company created a Coffee House Export department.

CUP&CINO developed their first shop-within-a-shop concept for the bakery and petrol station markets. Nationwide key account customers signed deals with CUP&CINO.

In December 2003, a customer in Taiwan signed the first deal to become a machine concept partner in Asia.

2002 - The first CUP&CINO franchise outlets.

2002 CUP&CINO decided to expand using franchise stores to enable the quick, future expansion of the brand. The first outlets opened in Germany.

2001 - Launch of the first coffee house as a pilot test in Paderborn.

2001 – CUP&CINO’s first coffee house was launched as a pilot test in Paderborn. During this period, CUP&CINO was developing its dual concept: coffee house by day, cocktail house by night. The new concept had significant economic and conceptual advantages compared to international competitors. Alongside the development of its coffee range, CUP&CINO developed a new style of food concept and launched the Bakery, Salacino & Gelato brands.

2000 - The concept was expanded to include coffee shops.

2000 While selling coffee machines to the catering industry, CUP&CINO noticed a strong demand in the market to expand their portfolio to include a coffee-shop concept.

1998 - The first move towards international brand development.

1998 The first international partner was signed up in Austria. The first move was made towards international brand development. CUP&CINO exhibited for the first time at Internorga, Hall 8 – Germany’s leading trade fair for the catering industry.

1996 - Machines sold throughout Germany.

1996 Machine sales grew rapidly in the local region and CUP&CINO decided to expand on a national level.

1995 - CUP&CINO was founded on 21 September, 1995.
1995 Noticing that the coffee industry was failing to serve the catering segment with a future-oriented concept, Frank Epping decided to found a company that would revolutionise the coffee business. CUP&CINO was founded on 21 September, 1995 and celebrated its one-year anniversary at the GÜWA 95 trade fair in Gütersloh.