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Our comprehensive technical service package

Quick. Professional. For best taste.

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Technischer Sorglos-Service von CUP&CINO


  • First-class customer service, including an emergency hotline
  • All parts and labour included – no extra costs
  • Includes coffee machine installation and instruction

Our comprehensive technical service package

Quick, professional, customer-friendly. We believe that first-class customer service is key.
Our comprehensive technical service package provides customers with professional, all-inclusive service and an emergency hotline. Not only do we install your coffee machine for you, but we also cover the costs of the technician’s travel expenses, labour and parts. Whether you’ve got problems with your fully automatic coffee machine or the parameters of your machine need adjusting, simply give us a quick call! Our dedicated customer service team will be able to provide expert advice.

We’re happy to help!

Our distribution network covers all of Germany and Austria.

Your local team – quick and competent. Our service team know the regions in which you operate and know what makes your local customers tick. A member of our field team comes to your premises in quick response to any issues or questions you may have. To make sure that we have every corner of Germany and Austria covered in terms of customer service, we work closely with distribution partners who are equally capable of offering advice or carrying out repairs should a problem arise.


Why is quick service so important?

Every coffee machine comes complete with our comprehensive technical service package. Why’s that? This makes sure that customers call us as soon as they notice that the quality of the coffee from our machines has dropped below the first-class standard that they expect. We have made it our mission to provide the best in-cup quality in the coffee market. But for that, our customers need to be as demanding as we are when it comes to flavour.

Our comprehensive technical service package with the new Plug and Play concept ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum. In cases where a fault has been detected on our new machines, 90% can be resolved without having to call out a technician. Thanks to Plug and Play technology, the component can be replaced easily by customers themselves. It couldn’t be easier!