TEAaMO – this is love for tea.


Who pays attention to a first-class coffee quality will not just drink any tea, but TEAaMO!

TEAaMO combines exclusive quality, premium taste and a well thought out design.
The tea set is composed of a kettle, the shapely tea glass and and an hourglass. Depending on the type of tea, the colour and infusion time of the hourglass can differ. Now also available for ice tea: Simply pour the freshly brewed tea over ice cubes and flavour as desired and enjoy to your heart´s content! TEAaMO turns drinking tea into a real experience.

Attention and patience provide for a unique tea enjoyment.

Wait and see! Be patient! During the cultivation and the production tea gets his best aroma with lots of love, attention and patience. Selected growing areas, the best quality of tea bushes and up to a traditional production fermentation of the tea leafs – all together makes a unique and full-bodied tea enjoyment possible.
Just relax and enjoy our TEAMaMO-tea, than the aroma can unfold completely.

Exclusive Variety

With TEAaMO you have many selected kinds of loose tea or the best tea quality in practical tea bags. The TEAaMO-tea bags can be present in a superior humidor that can be closed afterwards so no flavours get lost.

We just offer the loose tea in 100 gram bags, so we can ensure truly freshness and that the quality does not suffer.

Our variety of teas…

Black Tea
  • Sir Arthur´s Best Darjeeling: A fine selection of choosed Darjeeling-Areas with an unmistakable aromatic flowery taste that ensures an exquisite and harmonious delight.
  • Sir Sean’s Earl Grey Royal: One of the best Earl Geys for friends of a light cup of tea with high standards. With a strong taste of citrus.
Green Tea
  • Mrs. Sophie’s Exotic Sencha: Japanese and chinese Senchas unfold already after a short brewing time their wonderful stimulating effect and release the scent of exotic fruity aroma.
  • Sir Toby’s Rooibos Sahne-Caramel: The mild-aromatic delight of the rooibos plant played about a creamy-sweet caramel fragrance. A healthy and digestible thirst quencher.
Fruit Tea
  • St. Thomas Wild Fruits: A varied mix of wild berries and barries with a fruity taste and a dark red colour.
  • Miss Belinda´s Finest Garden Fruits: A colourful fruit basket of indigenous garden fruits provide a taseful experience. Fruity and mild, with little sourness.
Herbal Tea
  • Admiral Nik´s Royal Peppermint: A delightful herbal tea, that is well-known for his pleasant effect. With an aromatic and refreshing taste.