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References for renting our coffee machines

Costumers with class

Our costumers will tell you about their experiences with CUP&CINO, the benefits of our coffee concept, their profits and how your business will experience increased profits with our rentable fully automatic coffee machines.

No wishes unfulfilled.

Why did we choose CUP&CINO? It’s simple. It’s an integral coffee concept that covers all our expectations and wishes. CUP&CINO’s market presence, marketing, technology and their service speak for themselves. It’s an allround carefree package that makes our work easier.

Thanks to CUP&CINO my costumers can enjoy delicious coffee specialities on a daily basis. We’ve been working together for 11 years and we’ve been able to increase our sales every year. We’re happy to have CUP&CINO as our partner. Stay as you are!

Petrol station Lex Backnang

The satisfaction of our guests is the most important thing to us!

We have a lot of guests here in Marienburg in Monheim. In order to make their visits unforgettable, the quality of our coffee has to be perfect. We were looking for a fitting coffee concept and found CUP&CINO.

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The unique taste and quality of the milk froth is incomparable. The different drinks and variations allow us to satisfy every costumer and every taste. A creamy Cappucino, the new trending Flat White, or a refreshing Iced Latte Macchiato – our guests will have an unforgettable experience with the various coffee specialties. CUP&CINO has a high-quality, logical concept. We create a very special coffee atmosphere with different advertising materials. The friendly, personal connection makes for a trusting and pleasant concept. Our machines work daily without any problems. However, if we have any problems, the technical service will be here in no time. The fast shipping of our orders allows us to spoil our guests with new, delicious coffee specialties. Are you looking for the right partner in terms of coffee? Come visit the Marienburg and convince yourself of a great concept and delicious coffee specialties.

Marienburg Monheim

A nice Cappuccino or a delicious Latte Macchiato simplify the start into a sales talk.

A relaxed, laid-back atmosphere with every coffee. Costumers need good advice especially when buying a new car, and that takes quite a lot of time.

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That’s why it’s important to us that our costumers feel comfortable. The coffee quality is of great importance. Since we sell high quality cars, we need high quality coffee with a lot of flavour as well. We decided to go with the Pura Chi because this fully automatic coffee machine is easy to clean and we’re very happy with it. The milk powder goes lumpy sometimes and that’s a tiny criticism from us but their service is here in no time if there are any serious problems.

Audi Centre . Paderborn

High quality coffee keeps our costumers and employees fit.

We have about 2000m² of training and wellness space for our guests. They are very demanding and pay a lot of attention to quality, fitness, health and freshness. That’s why we don’t want to come to a compromise when it comes to coffee. When we were looking to rent a coffee machine, it was important to us that our guests get fresh, high quality coffee and we get great, fast service.

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The service doesn’t just include the carefree technical package, but also a helpful sales support. We have been offering our guests CUP&CINO coffee specialties since 2010, but ever since the use of advertising materials started, we’ve been able to increase our coffee sales. The Macchiato Barista is one of CUP&CINO’s smaller coffee machines, but it’s very robust and easy to care for. It also makes great coffee specialties with fresh milk. Neither our guests nor our employees want to go without good coffee!

inFORM Pfaffenhofen . Inhaber Jürgen Markowetz . Pfaffenhofen

The concept immediately convinced me - the brand, the range of goods and the lifestyle match me and this bistro.

We have a brasilian atmosphere thanks to CUP&CINO. Besides delicious premium coffee, I also sell snacks like pizza, French fries and escalope as well as waffles, ice cream and kiosk products.

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I’ve been running the restaurant in the Schwimmoper in Paderborn since 2012. A lot of my costumers are students from the three schools in this area. They like to stop by and grab a coffee and a snack to go. The bistro is mainly occupied by parents who wait for their children to finish swim classes or by hungry, thirsty swimmers. We have a lot of guests on the weekends and have three employees to be able to serve all of our costumers as fast as possible. We’ve had two “Spectra Foam Master” since September 2014 in order to avoid long waiting periods. These coffee machines are worth a lot and I was able to increase my offers with refreshing drinks like Ice Cappucino, Ice Macchiato  Caramel or Ice Chocolate. The coffee machines make those specialties at the push of a button. I love my bistro and the interaction with my guests. We have a lot of regular costumers and that’s why we have such a friendly, personal atmosphere. CUP&CINO helps with a reliable partnership. We work together very closely and we both profit of that partnership. The employees always take the time to listen to me and I try to represent the brand as good and often as I can.

Bistro-Inhaber Casten Todt . Bistro in der Schwimmoper Paderborn

A great concept and perfect service.

We received a great coffee concept with CUP&CINO and their rentable coffee machines. I don’t just have a high quality, reliable coffee machine in my petrol station, but also lounge furniture that leads to a relaxing coffee corner and a great atmosphere.

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CUP&CINO also supports me with my different campaigns, for example the vehicle washing or coffee campaign. Every costumer who buys a car wash gets a free coffee specialty for only 1,00 Euro. CUP&CINO created all the advertising materials which is a great additional service. I’m very impressed by CUP&CINOs perfect service: the orders, the reaction time and the personal assistance – everything is great and I as a costumer feel very cared for.

ARAL petrol station Hövelhof

Why not convince yourself? Visit us at different trade fairs and convince yourself of our taste, service and quality!

We are at different international trade fairs every year, for example at the Internorga in Hamburg, the Anuga in Cologne or the Intergastra in Stuttgart. We present our coffee concept all the way through Germany to Austria just like we do at the “Everything for the guest” fair in Salzburg. Fine highland coffee from the best areas of cultivation, modern coffee machines with easy cleaning and gigantic milk froth as well as fast and competent technical service – all that makes our concept so special.

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We convince with quality and our costumers immediately realize that at the trade fairs. We profit from our costumers’ success. The more cups of coffee our costumers sell, the more money we make. That’s why quality and great service is so important to us. Our coffee machines of the new BusinessCLASS allow us to offer you more exclusiveness to a great price-performace ratio. This means that the catering quality can reach offices and companies. Contact us today! You’re welcome to try our coffee service for free. Convince yourself of our quality. We are convinced.

Your  CUP&CINO-Team

We as an online marketing agency wanted to have high quality services to a fair price.
Why should we make cuts in coffee?

Our agency has been specialized in online marketing since 2008. With a team of SEO specialists, Google experts, designers, writers and IT pros we’re able to help our costumers with every different step on their way to the optimal positioning in search engines. Two years ago we made the decision that we don’t want lukewarm coffee from a hotplate. Instead, we want to enjoy fresh coffee and different coffee specialties throughout the whole day.

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We started our investigations on the internet, investigated prices and got advice from owners and users of rentable coffee machines. We decided to go with two different providers whom we had a test phase with. One of them was CUP&CINO. We decided to go with the fully automatic coffee machine PURA Ci after a four weeks test phase. The machine has around 20 different coffee specialties to offer, but it also makes hot chocolate, vanilla milk or tea for people who don’t drink coffee. Our employees and our costumers appreciate the quality of our coffee. We were already impressed by the professional instruction of the Barista. He informed us about the preparation of the different drinks with a lot of patience. His enthusiasm for coffee filled us with enthusiasm as well. The CUP&CINO service also helped us when we moved to a different location and newly installed the coffee machine. We order coffee beans or cleaning supplies over the phone and we receive it on the next workday. The process to get replacement parts is just as easy. Whenever we have a broken part, CUP&CINO delivers new replacement parts in no time. Their service is fast and accommodating. We’re still very happy with our coffee machine and the service.

Managing Director Dirk Preuten . conversionmedia . Dinslaken