TEAaMO - Grüner Tee

TEAaMO – Premium Tea

We are not just good with coffee

Your customers ask for tea? Fulfill this wish with our TEAaMO premium Tea concept. Extend your assortment with hot and cold teas and increase your sales.


TEAaMO brings tea onto a whole new level.

TEAaMO combines exclusive quality, the finest of flavours and sophisticated design. The premium Tea set includes an attractively designed tea glass, a kettle and an egg timer. The egg timer is coloured according to the type of tea, and counts down the tea’s individual brewing time. Now available for iced tea: simply pour the freshly brewed tea over ice cubes, add the flavouring of your choice and enjoy to your heart’s content!

Our selection of tea:

Black tea
  • Sir Arthur’s Best Darjeeling:
    An exquisite selection of leaves from carefully chosen Darjeeling plantations. The distinctly aromatic floral flavour results in a delicious, harmoniously balanced tea.
  • Sir Sean’s Earl Grey Royal:
    One of the best Earl Greys and a firm favourite among discerning drinkers of mild teas. Characterised by an intense citrus flavour.
Green tea
  • Mrs Sophie’s Exotic Sencha:
    A short brewing time is all it takes for these Japanese and Chinese senchas to develop their wonderfully invigorating properties and release their fragrantly exotic, fruity aromas.
Rooibos Tea
  • Sir Toby’s Caramel Cream Rooibos:
    The mild, aromatic flavour of rooibos is cloaked with a sweet and creamy note of caramel. A healthy thirst-quencher that’s light on the stomach.
Fruit tea
  • St. Thomas Wild Fruit:
    A colourful medley of forest fruits and berries producing an intense, fruity flavour and dark red colour.
  • Miss Belinda’s Finest Garden Fruits:
    A colourful blend bursting with an assortment of native orchard fruits – an extraordinary taste sensation! Fruity and mild, with low acidity.
Herbal tea
  • Admiral Nik’s Royal Peppermint:
    An outstanding herbal tea renowned for its beneficial effect. A sharp and refreshing flavour.