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Rent a state-of-the-art coffee machine and motivate your staff!

A standard day in the office:

7.54 a.m. Nip into the nearest petrol station for a cappuccino – the coffee in the office is disgusting.

12.38 p.m. Lunch was a healthy wholemeal bagel so I could treat myself to a creamy hazelnut macchiato for dessert.

3.06 p.m. Time for a strong espresso to get me going again this afternoon. Too bad there’s only filter coffee in the office. I forgo the energy kick and settle for lukewarm coffee that’s been keeping warm on the hotplate for the past 3 hours.

4.10 p.m. Team meeting. We need to generate ideas to attract new staff. I peer inside my coffee cup and think to myself, “Not much chance of attracting anyone with this stuff!” Brainstorming didn’t go well. No one came up with any particularly creative ideas.

5.30 p.m. Work’s out and the sun’s still shining, so I head to my favourite café for a cup of White Hill.

And then it suddenly dawned on me! “We need a new coffee machine!” Not only will it impress team members and customers, but it will create a coffee-shop atmosphere in the office. After all, coffee shops are where creativity is at its best! Co-working offices are forerunners here. Google and Amazon employees work in coffee shops and other places where their creativity can flow at its freest. So why not bring the coffee shop inside our own office?

Does your average day sound just the same? If so, why not give us the chance to boost your team’s creativity and let them enjoy coffee shop-style speciality coffees in the office?

Why don’t you enjoy 14 days of delicious coffee in your office?  Request further details today!

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Our Office Hero: the Barista Startup! This machine will get you started in the barista world, allowing you to enjoy outstanding speciality coffees with hot or cold frothed milk. Check out for billing options and online calculator.

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