Perfect milk froth

Perfect milk froth.

This quality is only available from CUP&CINO: An integrated cooling system builds the milk froth up perfectly layer by layer. You could say it was light as air – if you weren’t too busy taking the next sip.



With all systems of the new BusinessClass you can prepare this sensational milk froth. Your guests in the gastronomy  or your customers in a sales talk will love it – because this is real great esteem.



A test says more than thousand words! Test our coffee concept in your office or shop rent-free for 14 days. Get in touch!


Premium coffee systems!

Perfect milk – hot or cold in latte art quality!

for 10-50 cups a day

for 50-150 cups a day

for 50-400 cups a day

Delight can be so easy.


self-cleaning system

Clean: Because of new devoloped cleaning-technology there is only one hand move and one button to clean the coffee machine of the BusinessCLASS in the office. Just replace the cleaning container with the milk container and activate the cleaning program. Finished!

per portion

The controlling can’t be easier. At request, you receive an evaluation of your coffee sales so that you can see your growth in figures. Last but not least: automatable delivery of new and fresh roasted coffee.

Service Package

Responsive in every respect: within the bounds of the technology carelessly package our technicians stand aside with advice and action. Starting from the frist installation of the machine and instructions to the fast problem solving in case of a technical malfunction. So you can focus on your core business!

Enjoy the new BusinessCLASS rent-free for 14 days.