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Why have other customers chosen CUP&CINO?
Because they’ve understood that they can earn more with our concept!

We spend every day developing new ideas and products for our customers – including top-selling products, innovative promotions, sustainability-themed initiatives and new furniture concepts. Our marketing team continually puts itself in our customers’ shoes and strives to develop our products and services in line with our customers’ individual expectations.

CUP&CINO Kaffeekonzept - Werbung an ihrem Point Of Sale

Outdoor advertising

Coffee-to-go is a type of impulse purchase. The A-frame and beach flag let your customers know that you also sell delicious speciality coffees-to-go.

Check out our catalogue for further advertising solutions.

Display furniture

Flaunt your coffee! Our display furniture allows you to create a cosy coffee-shop feeling on your premises. You can find further information about our furniture units for coffee systems under ‘Display furniture’.

Latte Pralino

Extra revenue-generating products

Our speciality coffees are complemented by other brands, enabling you to offer a full range of hot drinks: Latte Pralino is a luxury hot chocolate drink, served with the finest chocolate drops to stir in.

TEAaMO is a tea brand that brings out the best in tea to create the ultimate tea experience. Available as premium tea in bags or loose leaves.

For the summer we recommend our iced coffee specialties. Most machines can produce these at the touch of a button.


Customised price information lets customers know what you have on offer. In addition to traditional posters and backlit displays, we also provide menus for your tables, smaller signs and stand-up displays.

CUP&CINO - Digital Signage

Digital Signage

A one-stop-shop: state-of-the-art digital advertising technology enables you to adjust product and price information at the touch of a button on a day-to-day basis. Five separate sections also allow you to keep customers up to date with current news, weather or other information.