• Select to different beans for your barista quality: Espresso or Coffee
  • Perfect milk foam either in hot or cold
  • Miracle Milk Foam with Plug & Play Service
  • From daily 3 cups on highly profitable for you

We help you find the coffee machine that’s right for you!

Hybrid portafilter machine for 50-150 cups per day.

BaristaSOLO offers you a choise:
Manuel from Barista or automatical with the push of a button

The BaristaSOLO is the Little sister of the BaristaONE. As the BaristaONE it allows all technical hightlights like the Miracle Milk Foam device for milk foam in hot & cold but fits perfectly into small coffee businesses from 50 cups a day.

Optimal extraction for excellent coffee quality:

  • Automatic mill setting for the perfect extraction.
  • Miracle Milk Foam: Perfect coffee specialities at the push of a button
    with fresh milk.
  • New trend products: Miracle Milk Foam device for creamy milch foam in hot & cold.
  • Tea water in 3 temperature stage.
  • Modular construction allows a fast service in case of malfunction, without a technician.
Technical highlights

Technical highlights:

  • easy menu-driven operation
  • 5 litre sub-base refrigerator
  • aroma concept sensitizer by ventilation
  • intuitive, big touch display
  • product sizes: 40ml, 125ml, 250ml

High Quality equipment:

  • high quality equipment from Ditting
  • heated hybrid brewing unit
  • bypass for bigger products in both portafilter
  • mass-produced 230V/16A
  • annual capacity 72.500
Please ask our staff for advice and find the ideal coffee maker for your demands.