The Business Class of coffee makers.


  • Select to different beans for your barista quality: Espresso or Coffee
  • Perfect milk foam either in hot or cold
  • Miracle Milk Foam with Plug & Play Service
  • From daily 6 cups on highly profitable for you

We help you find the coffee machine that’s right for you!

Hybrid portafilter machine for 50-400 cups a day.

With BaristaONE you have the full range:

BaristaONE is the first hybrid portafilter espresso machine with Miracle Milk Foam technology for two sorts of milk and milk foam hot and cold. It creates the perfect setting for a qualified barista, and as well prepares premium coffee specialties automatically at the push of a button – even Latte Art-quality foam!

Optimal extraction for excellent coffee quality:

  • Perfect extraction for best coffee quality: Automatic grinder calibration for best espresso extraction.
  • Flexible milk frothing: Manually with the traditional steam wand or at the touch of a button as a 2-step-solution.
  • New trend products: Miracle Milk Foam technology for best milk foam hot and cold.
  • Four hoppers for four different kinds of coffee.
  • Four grinders prepare up to four drinks simultaneously and up to 400 cups per day.
  • Tea water: 5 temperatures available for the perfect tea experience.
  • Modular construction: Reduce downtimes and service costs.

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Technical highlights

Technical highlights:

  • 10´ Touch with a Resolution of 1280 x 800 perfect visualisation
  • easy menu-driven operation
  • up to 72 milk products reproducible
  • mass-produced with a refrigerator for one liter or multibag
  • aroma concept sensitizer by ventilation
  • effective fast cleaning with 0,7 l in 7 minutes


High quality features:

  • high quality equipment from Ditting
  • heated hybrid brewing unit
  • bypass for bigger products in both portafilter
  • mass-produced 400V, by request also 230V
Please ask our staff for advice and find the ideal coffee maker for your demands.