CUP&CINO - iced_ coffee drinks

Iced Coffee Specialities

A nice refreshment for hot summer days

Use the summer months to increase your profits with our Iced Coffee specialities!

When you combine the CUP&CINO coffee machines and an ice maker machine you get various cold coffee specialities at the push of a button. Starting with an Iced Espresso or a White Hill and followed by an Iced Special with a flavoured syrup – we have something for everyone.

The machines that don’t have Iced drinks pre-programmed only need an external milk frother in order to create delicious cold drinks manually.

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Ice Espresso

Ice Espresso

A creamy Espresso with Ice Cubes

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee White Hill

White Hill

A creamy Espresso with cold milk froth

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Ice Cappuccino

Ice Cappuccino

An Espresso with cold milk froth


Ice Macchiato

Cold milk, creamy cold milk froth, ice cubes and a strong Espresso


Ice Caffè Latte

A Caffè Latte with ice cubes, cold milk and cold milk froth


CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Ice-Shot-Glas Strawberry

Ice Special

A creamy Ice Macchiato with ice cubes and flavour of your choice

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Ice Kakao

Iced Chocolate / Ice Vanilla

Chocolate or vanilla milk  with ice cubes and cold milk froth


Equipment for the Ice-Specialities

Here you’ll find everything that you need in order to prepare Iced Coffee specialities. Our costumers can order the equipment in our office.

Telephone: +49 5257 9898-0, Telefax: +49 5257 9898-98, E-Mail: info[at] Our office is occupied from 8am- 5pm.

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee MacchiatoGlas

Macchiato Glass

Product code: 2101

The exclusive 400 ml CUP&CINO Macchiato Glass is perfect for the preparation of bigger Ice Coffee specialities.  If you order more than 18 glasses you’ll get a glass for 1,50 Euro.

1,99 € / per glass
18+ Glasses : 1,50 € / per glass

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee -Ice-Shot-Glas

Ice-Shot Glass

Product code: 2110

Serve the Iced Coffee specialities in trending 340 ml Glasses.

1,49 € / per glass

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Doppelwandglas klein

Double-skinned Glass

Product code: 2104

Present your Ice Drinks in our exclusive 190 ml double-skinned glasses. Thanks to the double glass, the drinks will stay cool for a longer time.

3,90 € / per glass

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee - Milchaufschäumer

Milk Foamer

Product code: 2152

Your coffee machine doesn’t have an integrated milk foamer for cold milk froth? No worries. Our external milk foamer allows you to prepare milk froth manually, even with lactose-free milk.

49,00 € / per glass

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Eiswürfel

Ice Cube Maker

You can use the ice cube machine to make ice cubes for the Ice specialities. You can also buy an ice cube machine on amazon.

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Eiswürfelbehälter + Zange

Ice Cube Container & pliers

Product Code: 2249 Container
Product Code: 2287 Pliers

Ice cubes will stay cold for a longer time with our double-skinned ice cube container. The pliers makes it easier to prepare and portion the ice cubes.

Container: 19,90 € a piece
Pliers: 1,49 € a piece

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee - Flavour


Product code: 1180 Amaretto
Product code: 1181 Caramel
Product code: 1182 Coconut 
Product code: 1183 Hazelnut
Product code: 1184 Vanilla
Product code: 1187 Strawberry
Product code: 1189 Irish Cream
Product code: 1190 Almond
Product code: 1192 Chocolate
Product code: 1194 White chocolate
Product code: 1195 Cinnamon
Product code: 1196 Banana
Product code: 1197 Raspberry
Product code: 1198 Peppermint

10,20 € a piece

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee Flavourpumpe

Flavour pump

Product Code: 2160

The flavour pump lets you portion the flavors and gives the Ice specials a great flavor.

2,66 € a piece

Advertisement material and displays

We offer our costumers proper advertisement materials and displays to attract costumers and draw their attention to the Iced Coffee specialities. You can order the materials in our office. Telephone: +49 5257 9898-0, Telefax: +49 5257 9898-98, E-Mail: info[at] Our office is occupied from 8Am until 5PM.

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee - A1 Straßenaufstelller

DIN A1 depositors

Thanks to the depositors your costumers can already see the refreshing Iced Coffee specialities while passing by. You can use the depositors as a poster in our costumer stoppers.

Costumer Stoppers/ pavement boards

Product Code: 3023

It includes two weatherproof foils for posters in DIN A1 format (59,4x84cm). The base can be filled with water or sand.

DIN A5 depositors

You can use the DIN A5 depositors to stock the table stands.

Table stands DIN A5

Product Code: 3273

Every CUP&CINO costumer should take advantage of this offer. You can use the table stands and the depositors to stock it with more special offers on the other side.

CUP&CINO - Eiskaffee - AufstellerA5