CUP&CINO - Latte-Pralino Kakao

Latte Pralino

Delicious drops made from the finest chocolate.

Just in case you want to offer you guests other hot drinks besides coffee. Variety and selection ensures sales growth. Extend your assortment with fine drinking chocolates. Delight your little guests and chocolate lovers.

CUP&CINO - Latte-Pralino Kakao Caramel

Anyone can make hot chocolate, but Latte Pralino is bound to bowl over hot chocolate connoisseurs.

The new Latte Pralino concept consists of small drops of premium chocolate that dissolve quickly when stirred into hot milk or a latte macchiato. The finest chocolate, sourced from the world’s best cocoa plantations, guarantee a wonderfully full-bodied, chocolatey aroma. Customers select their favourite type of chocolate and stir it into their drink themselves – a surefire way to impress chocolate connoisseurs and those with a sweet tooth.

Our chocolate is sourced from the best cocoa plantations in the world.

Similarly to coffee, cocoa plants vary the world over. The growing region and the way in which the cocoa seeds are fermented determines the unique aroma of the chocolate. We only use cocoa from the world’s best plantations for our Latte Pralino chocolate – and you can certainly taste the difference!

Exclusive varieties!

Latte Pralino comes in four delicious varieties. All are sourced from carefully selected cocoa plantations and have their own, unique character.

White chocolate (cocoa solids 31%)

The white chocolate drops transform hot frothed milk into a wonderfully creamy, sweet and full-bodied chocolate indulgence.

Caramel chocolate (cocoa solids 31%)

Melt-in-the-mouth caramel adds a special touch to this delicious milk chocolate. There’s no need to be a chocolate lover to succumb to this chocolate and caramel combination.

Origin Ecuador Chocolate (cocoa solids 39%)

This authentic chocolate is sourced from cocoa plantations in Ecuador.
The 39% cocoa solids result in a milk chocolate that is not overly sweet.

Origin Ecuador Chocolate (cocoa solids 70%)

This dark Ecuadorian chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids. Chocolate from this region of the world is renowned for its pleasant, delicate bitterness.