CUP&CINO - Miracle Milk Foam - Milchschaum

Perfect frothed milk

Looks good and tastes great

Delight your customers with frothed milk, just like a picture book. You are not just addressing the eyes of your customers, due to the perfect consistency, all of our specialty coffees receive an unmistakable special taste.


Perfect frothed milk at the touch of a button.

Sensational frothed milk – so firm and creamy that it’s hard to imagine that it’s only made from fresh milk. This frothed milk is unique in more ways than one! It’s frothed up hot or cold. Delicious cold coffee drinks are perfect for the summer.

No need to worry about cleaning: all of the CUP&CINO systems feature an automatic cleaning programme which reduces the time spent cleaning to less than 2 minutes.

However, words don’t do it enough justice! You have to try this milk foam to believe it – and what better way to do this than to try it out in your business?  Simply ask for information about our 14-day trial!


Our coffee machines with the perfect frothed milk

The BaristaONE SOLO automatic includes this new milk froth technology.

CUP&CINO - BaristaONE SOLO automatic mit Preis INT

for 50–150 cups a day

Indulgence has never been so easy.

Unique frothed milk.

Whether you like your frothed milk fluffy, creamy, firm or soft, CUP&CINO’s coffee system cater to all needs. We’ve made it our mission to deliver the best quality of frothed milk on the market. Would you like to impress your customers with this exceptional quality? Enjoy a free 14-day trial of our coffee machines in your business! The CUP&CINO’s coffee machine produce this sensational frothed milk. Whether you need 100 or 1000 cups a day, contact us today and we’ll advise you on the best coffee system for your specific needs. However, first-class milk foam is not the only critical factor for a perfect cup of coffee – the quality and freshness of the coffee beans also plays a significant role in terms of flavour. Your customers are bound to taste the difference – and come back for a second cappuccino! Why not see for yourself?