We are crazy about good coffee ideas


Our tradition is development.

As an international coffee company with its headquarters in the East Westphalian Hövelhof and roasting plants in Switzerland, we have been in the market since 1995. We continue to develop every single day. From a coffee machine distribution to a gastronomy partner. A gastronomy supplier. A global franchising company. And now, to your personal service provider for professional coffee concepts.

Our expertise is based on practical experience.

Own coffee houses, own baristas, own experience. With CUP&CINO by your side, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you have a partner with plenty of expertise on perfect coffee enjoyment. And, what’s more, a partner who is happy to pass this on! For instance, in the form of regular staff trainings, which we offer at our barista academy!

Our team is pure passion for good coffee.

ELISABETH. She is not our employee of the month. But somehow she is. Because the letters stand for everything we stand for internally in our dealings with customers: Engaged commitment. Likeability in our dealings with others. Information. Social and ecological commitment. Ambition. Buzz and passion. EDP. Team Spirit. Hitherto and to this very day.