Barista Startup – The office coffee machine

Coffee specialties at barista level

CUP&CINO - Barista Startup


  • Barista quality from the whole bean
  • automatic grinder calibration for perfect extraction
  • easiest cleaning
  • integrated card accounting module
  • Fixed water connection or optional tank operation
  • Office coffee machine with fresh milk
  • Under table 5-liter fridge included

From daily 2 cups on highly profitable for you

The Startup series

You have the choice: 3 VARIANTS

Barista quality

The Barista Startup offers all coffee specialties at barista level. The highlight of the machine is the built-in “Miracle Milk Foam” technology, which was specially developed by CUP&CINO. Thanks to this technology, the coffee system produces frothed milk in hot and cold in perfect quality. The system is also available with external milk frother or milk topping.

More highights:

  • Automatic grinder adjustment for each product. So the beans are ground much finer if you choose an espresso than for a caffè crema.
  • Additional product for non-coffee drinkers: latte vanilla (vanilla milk) and hot chocolate – also chocolate cappuccino!
  • The cleaning effort has been reduced to a minimum.
  • Perfect price / performance ratio: everything, everything tastes, even the price!
  • Best suited as an office coffee machine.
Büro Kaffeemaschine von CUP&CINO

PREMIUM frothed milk