Coffee machine BaristaONE SOLO automatic

Anyone can be a barista – in a few minutes

CUP&CINO - BaristaONE SOLO automatic mit Preis INT

BaristaONE SOLO automatic

  • perfect for 50 to 150 cups/day
  • barista quality from two premium blends
  • milk foam hot and cold at the push of a button
  • automatic cleaning cycle
  • cashless payment available

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Boost your coffee business!

The CUP&CINO premium concept provides you with an all-in-one solution for increasing your coffee sales. From harvest to happy customers, we take care of your business. Only if everything comes from one source, the result can be first-class. Start your success story now!

You rent a state-of-the-art coffee system for barista quality coffee. At the push of a button, the BaristaONE Solo creates perfect espresso and milk froth drinks. The design lives up to its promise: Unparalleled quality, just like from your barista!

Let our employees advise you and choose the optimal coffee machine for your needs.
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