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CUP&CINO - Latte Art Know How

Coffee expertise from the coffee connoisseurs: our Barista Academy.

Latte art, which leaves an impressive design in the milk foam, elevates a simple cappuccino to the realms of a mini work of art. CUP&CINO is now bringing this skill to its customers. The CUP&CINO Barista Academy teaches you the most important elements within a couple of hours – and you then get to try your hand at latte art yourself. “All it needs is practice, practise, practise!” reassures our barista Olaf Kruse, who runs the training course. “You can’t learn by just watching. You need to develop a feeling for pouring, too.

Everyone has their own technique,” explains Olaf. And while we’re on the subject of expertise, our Academy helps you hone much more than just your milk-foam skills.


Perfection starts with the finer details.

Besides all the theory, serving the perfect cappuccino primarily needs practice.

You’ll learn how to determine the right grinding parameters for the perfect crema, how much pressure is needed for the perfect pull time and all about humidity, which can also affect the flavour of an espresso.  It also goes without saying that the milk needs to be frothed correctly, without incorporating too many tiny bubbles. You’re aiming for a thick milk foam that’s not too firm.