Know-how from the best: our Barista academy.

Latte Art, the impressive art of milk froth, turns plain cappuccinos into works of art. And CUP&CINO shows its customers how to become true masters. In our in-house Barista academy, you learn the most important tricks of the trade within a few hours and can start practising yourself within next to no time. “The motto is: practice makes perfect,” says Olaf Kruse, our barista, who conducts the training at CUP&CINO. “Watching alone is not enough; one must develop a feel for pouring.  Here everyone has his or her own technique,” Olaf says. Apropos know-how: our academy is guaranteed to increase your know-how not only in matters revolving around milk froth.

Perfection starts with the little details.

To prepare the perfect cappuccino, a good deal of knowledge on the topic is required, as well as plenty of practice. This starts with the grind consistence that is needed for the perfect “crema”, the bar pressure needed for pulling the shot and the humidity, which that can also influence the espresso’s flavour. In addition to this, the milk must be frothed correctly and, as far as possible, this must be done without incorporating too much air. Ideally, the froth should be dense in texture, but not too firm.

Of course, the most important success factor then is the pouring technique, which true Barista masters use for creating hearts, flowers or figures.