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The Barista Company – about us

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Our tradition is development.

Over all these years, we’ve never stopped growing.

Founded in 1995, we are an international coffee company with headquarters in Hövelhof, East Westphalia, and a roasting plant in Switzerland.  We continue developing every single day. Transforming from a coffee machine company to catering industry partner.  Becoming a supplier to the catering industry. Setting up an international franchise business. Establishing ourselves as a coffee machine manufacturer. Becoming your personal service provider for professional coffee concepts.

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The CUP&CINO coffee beans are being roasted in a careful long-term process. That’s how the flavour unfolds with minimal acid. This leads to a healthier product.

With CUP&CINO as your partner, you have someone with a lot of experience and knowledge by your side. We’re happy to share this knowledge with you! You will learn everything you need to know at our Barista academy’s personal training.

The impressive Latte Art transforms a Cappucino into a piece of art. We help our costumers and partners become a skilled Barista.

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Quality starts with the Team!

We want to face new challenges with you. Not only internal –  we also want to sell our new BaristaONE machine internationally. We’re looking for coffee lovers and creative people who like being challenged and help us conquer the international market. You want to be a part of CUP&CINO? We’re happy to receive your application – welcome to the family!

Coffee is our passion


CUP&CINO has been known for premium coffee solutions and new trending products for almost 25 years. Coffee is our passion and we work daily to improve our coffee products for our costumers and come up with new ideas about coffee systems. The world innovation BaristaONE, a hybrid machine, has been created from the association of a fully automatic machine and a portafilter. This coffee system unites the advantages of both coffee machines which leads to perfect quality at the push of a button.

Our heart beats for high quality coffee specialities and that’s why we have the Barista training in our Barista academy. We also have a roasting machine where we test new mixtures and optimize our coffee specialities. Coffee means passion, enjoyment and increasing sales. The extensive range of products leads to an increasing income. Your costumers will be filled with enthusiasm and will become regular costumers.