Premium coffee!

from the harvest to the cup.


As the only coffee roaster in the entire market, we pay attention to the perfect coffeeenjoyment from the harvest to the cupfor the perfect coffee enjoyment:

Selective from the start. So that guests become regulars. We use coffee beans from the best producing areas worldwide for a more mature and complex aroma.

Our own roasting is our treadmark so that your offer remains distincitive. We roast according to a roasting process developed for CUP&CINO in Switzerland. The freshest coffee in every cup: Our coffee makes its way to our customers within ten days after roasting – and that you taste!
We send you the coffee free of charge and only charge for the coffee portions consumed, once a month and no minimum purchasing.

Assume responsibility

Our coffee comes from the highlands of Central America and Ethiopia. This also includes other growing areas, which grant the Barista selection a strong body and our Espresso selection an exotic, caramel flavour. We assume responsibility for our own social projects in the growing countries.

Own roasting process

Our CUP&CINO coffee mixtures are roasted on drum roasters in a gentle, long-lasting process. This creates the perfect aroma of the bean with less acid for a healthier product.
All processes are meticulously, they are ISO and IFS certified. The coffee is tasted shortly after the roast. Daily. This is the only way to guarantee the perfect taste until it is in the cup.

The expert says…

Head barista and Q grader André Eiermann, continuouslyexamines the quality of the CUP&CINO coffee:
„Coffee, coffee machine and service: a magic trilogy for the senses. The simple selection of a suitable machine is decisive for the subsequent coffee enjoyment. Together with the baristas and technicians of CUP&CINO, we already took care of the correct setting. Look forward to the best coffee enjoyment…
My favourite: White Hill, a double espresso with cold milk foam.“