Latte Pralino!

finest nibbles from origin chocolate


A true delight for chocolate lovers: Latte Pralino is more than hot chocolate!

Our new Latte Pralino concept is the base for a well-rounded, flavorsome hot chocolate that will impress everyone with a sweet tooth. Added to a Latte Macchiato or steamed milk, our fine chocolate nibbles from the best cocoa plantations worldwide dissolve smoothly and fast. Chocolate lovers can choose from four luxurious flavors and can create their own delicious treat.

Origin chocolate from chosen cultivation areas

Just like with coffee, we are choosy with our chocolates. For Latte Pralino, we choose finest origin chocolates. Cocoa beans from exclusive plantations and skilled fermentation processes create a unique composition of aromas.

Exclusive flavors!

Latte Pralino is available in four irresistible flavors. Ranging from sweet to pure, they all have their very own, unique chocolately character.

White Chocolate (31% cocoa)

These white choco nibbles turn streamed milk into a creamy, moth-watering delight.

Caramel Chocolate (31% cocoa)

Milk chocolate combined with delicate caramel – that’s a magic combination!

Origin Ecuador Chocolate (39% cocoa)

Cocoa from Ecuador’s best plantations makes this milk chocolate an intense, yet sweet delight.

Origin Chocolate (70% cocoa)

Its intense cocoa flavor make this origin chocolate the first choice for true chocoholics.