Kaffee in bester Qualität - von CUP&CINO

The best coffee

Premium coffee – from the plantation to the cup.

You need to taste CUP&CINO coffee in order to know what high quality means. The best coffee and a gentle and careful processing – that is our promise to you.

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Premium coffee quality

Our coffee beans are sourced from the best coffee-growing regions in the world. Premium coffee concepts for a mature, complex aroma.

We roast our beans in Switzerland using a special roasting technique developed in-house by CUP&CINO. Fresh coffee in every cup – our coffee is on its way to our customers within 10 days of roasting. You can certainly taste the difference!

We offer free shipping for our coffee and only bill you – once a month – for the number of servings used. There’s no minimum charge!

Our roasting process – developed by CUP&CINO.

CUP&CINO blended coffees are gently slow-roasted in drum roasters. This brings out the perfect aroma of the beans and results in healthier coffee. All procedures are strictly monitored and ISO- and IFS-certified. The coffee is tasted shortly after roasting. Each and every day. This is our way of ensuring that the best-flavoured coffee lands in your cup.

The secret of perfect taste

CUP&CINO is the only coffee roaster on the market that takes all factors into account on the way to perfect coffee enjoyment. Because only if everything comes from a single source, the result can be first class. For a perfect aroma of our coffee specialties, we work closely with our coffee growers and select the growing areas very precisely.


Coffee specialties

The extra class


Our cappuccino is especially creamy, thanks to the uniqueness of the milk foam. And with a latte art heart as well, the cappuccino tastes twice as good!  CUP&CINO also owes its name to this classic coffee.

Bester Kaffee - Barista Qualität von CUP&CINO
White Hill

This delicious coffee is a unique drink exclusive to CUP&CINO. A strong double espresso with cold frothed milk, this hot and cold speciality is an extraordinarily delicious taste sensation. The perfect coffee all year round – not just on hot summer days!

Caffè Latte

This milky French coffee is characterised by its mild flavour and a creamy combination of milk foam and hot milk. The caffè latte is prepared using caffè crema beans.

Latte Macchiato

A strong espresso with warm milk and a generous helping of frothed milk. The three characteristic latte macchiato layers are clearly distinct, thanks to the exceptionally firm milk foam. This coffee is relatively mild with a high milk content.

Bester Kaffee - Flat White in Barista Qualität von CUP&CINO
Flat White

Move over cappuccino – here comes the flat white! The difference between the two is a matter of much controversy. We’ve done the taste test and the flat white came out much stronger than the traditional cappuccino. A cup of intense flavour crowned with a wonderfully fluffy head of frothed milk.

Try our coffee and our coffee machines for free for 14 days with no obligation!

All coffees were not created equal.

Our customers enjoy perfect coffee in every cup and a genuine taste sensation. This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t keep a close eye on every step of the coffee chain. Our coffee is sourced exclusively from the world’s best highland coffee-growing regions. The beans are roasted gently in traditional drum roasters, which means that coffees such as caffè crema and espresso are less acidic and easier to digest. We ship the coffee beans to our customers within 10 days of roasting. This short supply chain can only be achieved with direct sales. You can smell and taste the difference in freshness! Our cappuccino and other speciality coffees are characterised by an extraordinarily fresh, intense aroma.

Every CUP&CINO coffee machine uses whole beans. Grinding the beans straight before brewing is the only way of ensuring that the full flavour of the coffee beans develops. We also consider it essential to make sure that our coffee machines are fine-tuned to the coffee beans inside. The correct grinding parameters and perfect brewing temperature enable us to draw the maximum flavour out of our coffee beans. A first-class cup of coffee can only be achieved when all of these factors are in perfect balance.