The best coffee, state-of-the-art coffee machines to buy or rent, and professional and fast technical service. With these three pillars, we at CUP&CINO ensure that your business can grow healthily.

CUP&CINO - Umsatzsteigerung mit ganzheitlichem Kaffeekonzept

Making customers happy with perfect coffee.

Use our coffee concept and increase your sales.

CUP&CINO - Barista Kaffeekonzept
1. Best barista quality coffee

Success is a question of quality: Our coffee and espresso beans come from the best growing regions in the world. In the gentle long-term drum roasting process, they then develop their full aroma – and they arrive at your door just as freshly roasted.

2. The most modern coffee machines for rent

Do you need only 10 cups of the best coffee a day? Or 400 cups at once? No matter: We offer you the right coffee machine including frother for the perfect milk froth – for sale or for rent.

CUP&CINO - schneller technischer Service
3. Carefree technic package

With our worry-free technic package, you are on the safe side: Our service team is always on the spot quickly and takes care of your concerns – and you can concentrate fully on what is important to you.

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You enjoy in the best company

… and this is how it works

The CUP&CINO coffee concept is based on three pillars:
Best coffee, state-of-the-art coffee machines for purchase or rent, and professional and fast technical service.

Only with these three components can we offer you an optimal coffee solution.

There is one more secret ingredient! 

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Coffee concept secret ingredients:

Individual marketing and personal consulting

In marketing, we create new ideas and solutions for you every day. These include, for example, new trend products, advertising materials for the point-of-sale, sales promotion campaigns and individual furniture concepts to put your coffee machine in the right light.


And we consult you personally and individually. In short: We think in your interests and take on your goals. Because we are successful when you are.

CUP&CINO - Verkaufsunterstuetzung im Kaffeekonzept für professionelle Kaffeemaschinen inklusive
CUP&CINO - Getränkevielfalt TEAaMO

More beverage choices. So that your sales flow even better

Increase your coffee sales now with delicious trend products with milk foam in hot and cold.

Trend drinks for better business

We support you in ensuring that your beverage sales increase. One important measure for this is to respond to your customers’ wishes.


We monitor the market and demand and are constantly developing new trend beverages that you can prepare with our machines.


We advise and accompany you during the introduction of the new trend beverages. Together, we can make your business more successful and your employees more satisfied.


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CUP&CINO - Kaffee in premium Qualität

Barista quality always and everywhere

With our coffee concept, we guarantee that every coffee speciality prepared with a CUP&CINO machine always has the same perfect barista quality. No matter where this machine is located and who operates it.


Your customer knows and appreciates the quality of CUP&CINO coffee products.


With CUP&CINO, you will quickly gain many new customers and turn them into satisfied regulars.

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CUP&CINO is the only coffee roaster on the market that takes into account all factors on the way to perfect coffee enjoyment: We check and control every step – from the harvest to the cup. Because only when everything comes from a single source can the result be first-class. We take this responsibility not only for our products, but also for the enjoyment success in your company or business.

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