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What is a Barista?

About the love for coffee, experience, and creativity

The word Barista is Italian and means bartender. In Italy, a Barista makes all different types of drinks. The rest of the world, however, thinks of a Barista as someone who specifically makes coffee.

The singular male and female form is Barista. The male plural form is called  Baristi, while the female plural form is called Bariste.

Baristi mostly work in coffee shops and cafés that care about the perfect Espresso and its aura. Coffee lovers appreciate the Barista’s careful work. A Barista’s look is characterized by an apron and a hat.

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Barista Training

There are many different ways to become a Barista in Germany. You can find training offers in every city. Unfortunately, there are huge differences in the length, price and quality between the different training options. The Barista training is not a recognized degree or education and that’s why it’s important to find the best training available.

There are a number of different theoretical and practical elements that the Barista training should include.

Theoretical Part:

  • Insight into the coffee world
  • Different types of coffee beans
  • Farming and processing methods
  • Knowledge about the physics and chemicals in roasting coffee


Practical Part:

  • Grinding and making coffee
  • Learn the ways of proper tasting
  • Latte ways
You want high quality Barista coffee and the Barista ambience without having to go through the training? Our coffee machines make your dream a reality!

Latte Art

An important skill of a Barista is the making of different Lattes. The creative ways of arranging the milk froth on a Cappucino is very important and makes the overall impression. From a simple heart to a complex dragon – the options are endless. It takes a lot of practice and experience to be able to make Lattes.

Timing, a steady hand and the consistency of the milk froth are very important in order to make good Lattes. Our machines allow you to adjust the consistency of the milk froth so you always have the perfect froth for Lattes.

CUP&CINO - Barista Company Latte Art
CUP&CINO - BaristaONE with perfect frothed milk


Our new coffee machine BaristaONE allows you to become a Barista within a few minutes. The Hybrid portafilter machine is a new innovation that brings Barista aura to your own place. You can make perfect coffee without going through the Barista training thanks to the machines’ easy automatic operation.

The machine grinds the Espresso beans and foams the milk. You simply have to put a coffee cup beneath the discharge of the machine and press a button.

The design and sound of our machine create Barista feelings in every café.