CUP&CINO - Gesamtkunstwerk Barista-Kaffee

Coffee concept: Barista coffee

Concept for success

How does it work?

The CUP&CINO coffee concept is built on three pillars:

the best coffee, state-of-the-art coffee machines and quick, professional technical service.

These three parameters – together with our secret ingredient – ensure that we always bring you the best solution for your coffee needs.

However, more about our secret ingredient below...

Latte Art mit den modernsten Kaffeemaschinen von CUP&CINO

Our coffee and espresso beans are sourced from the world’s best coffee-growing regions. These highland beans are roasted in our own roasting plant. This is our way of guaranteeing that our customers always receive freshly roasted beans.

CUP&CINO - BaristaONE Solo automatic Quadrat

Whether you need 100 or 400 cups a day, we have the right coffee machine for your individual requirements – including perfect milk foam. It’s up to you whether you buy or rent!

Technischer Sorglos-Service von CUP&CINO

Our technical services team is always close at hand. After all, they play a critical role in providing our comprehensive technical service. We guarantee a reliably fast response time, ensuring that customers receive quick assistance in an emergency.

Our secret ingredient:
tailor-made marketing expertise

Our key objective: we want to provide our customers with outstanding service in inimitable CUP&CINO style! With this in mind, we continually develop new marketing ideas!

New, top-selling products, innovative POS advertising material, sales promotion initiatives and customised furniture concepts that turn your coffee machine into an irresistible feature. Stand out from the crowd! This is the philosophy we work towards when it comes to implementing our strategy and putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes. At the end of the day, our success relies on your success! Further information about our special marketing service can be found at CUP&CINO – a strong brand for boosting coffee revenue.

Why do we provide a coffee concept?

To create that perfect cup of coffee, a range of different parameters all have to come together in exactly the right dose.

  • The perfect coffee beans. Beans must be selected and roasted specifically for a fully automatic coffee machine, without losing any of their uniqueness and flavour.
  • The perfectly configured coffee machine. Pull time, grind setting, and the quantity of air added to the milk when frothing are just a few of the key parameters for achieving the perfect flavour.
  • Perfectly trained employees. Our service technicians know exactly how to tweak the machine to adjust it to your needs. You decide what you want your coffee to taste like.

A coffee solution for the perfect Barista taste

The only way to increase your income through coffee is to be better than your competitors. The Barista’s perfect taste and exceptional milk froth fills your costumers with enthusiasm and turns them into regular costumers. Everyone can operate our BaristaONE SOLO automatic – without having to go through Barista training.  The BaristaONE SOLO automatic is a coffeemachine and guarantees constant quality and great milk froth. Your costumers will love it!

Fast and reliable service!

A fast and reliable technical service is just as important as a modern and innovative coffee machine. Our coffee machines have been created in a way that we were able to reduce the breakdown times to a minimum which means that you don’t have to wait for a technician for too long. Our concept is efficient and productive in order to increase your sales and satisfy the costumers. The CUP&CINO coffee concept has the best coffee quality that tastes like handmade Barista coffee. Try it out now!