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More motivation in the workplace means better business! We offer modern offee machines that you can rent or buy easily. We are also passionate about customer service, premium quality and maximum convenience. Get Barista coffee with the CUP&CINO coffee concept!

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Our Concept:

Latte Art mit den modernsten Kaffeemaschinen von CUP&CINO


The best beans from the world’s best coffee-growing regions. The criteria for selecting our coffee are as simple – yet as strict – as that! We set benchmarks with our own roasting philosophy and our ‘freshly roasted’ guarantee for all our customers

CUP&CINO - BaristaONE coffee concept

Coffee machines

We have the right coffee machine that makes perfect milk froth for your individual needs from 100 to 400 cups a day. You can either rent or buy our fully automatic coffee machines – whatever you desire!

Technischer Sorglos-Service von CUP&CINO

Carefree technological service

Our service team will be there in no time to assist you with any technical problems. You can count on our fast reaction time and help in any emergencies.

Better Coffee. Better Business.

Perfect taste leads to more business – your costumers will love it!

BaristaONE Twin

100–400 cups a day

Hybrid portafilter machine

Miracle milk foam technology for costumers with high expectations.

Get Barista coffee without Barista training!

The perfect concept

for every business!

Catering establishments

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In the office

CUP&CINO - rent coffee machines for the office

Fitness centres

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Petrol stations

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CUP&CINO The value of great coffee.

Are you looking for a professional coffee machine that prepares perfect speciality coffees at the touch of a button? Do you need a coffee solution that includes full technical support in an emergency and a team that offers expert advice? You want to enjoy fresh milk in your coffee but can’t be bothered with time-consuming cleaning? If so, renting a CUP&CINO coffee machine is bound to be the answer to your dreams! On top of the latest state-of-the-art coffee system, you can also count on quick, reliable customer service. You also get the Barista without having to go through the training!

CUP&CINO Better coffee. Better Business.

The coffee machine in your business does more than simply serve coffee! A coffee machine in the office motivates the team and opens the door to new customers. Add genuine value to your sales meeting with customers by offering them an outstanding cappuccino. Your customers are key, which is why you should be serving them nothing but the best coffee. Having worked closely with the catering industry for over 20 years, we have the necessary experience to support you with your coffee needs.   We know exactly what it takes to boost revenue. After all, it takes more than just outstanding quality to bring in new customers and build loyalty. Speciality coffees are the ultimate trend at the moment, which is why CUP&CINO’s speciality coffees are perfect for attracting new customers and achieving lasting revenue growth. We also provide support with an extensive range of marketing material. POS advertising and promotional initiatives are a key focus for our team, who are continually working on new ideas.  CUP&CINO is a revenue-generating brand that you can rely on.

CUP&CINO The right to enjoy the perfect coffee.

Isn’t it ridiculous that the price of a cup of coffee is the same everywhere you go – irrespective of the quality of the coffee? It’s a well-known coffee phenomenon. Have you ever been annoyed, too, that you pay as much for an ‘instant’ cappuccino with ‘milk’ topping as you pay for a creamy cappuccino with fresh, frothed milk and an espresso ground from whole beans? We believe you have the right to enjoy the perfect coffee! And that’s why CUP&CINO only deliver the best quality and first-class flavour, no matter the business: restaurants, fitness centres, bakeries, petrol stations or in the office. Get Barista coffee everywhere!