The value of great coffee.

CupCino_Signet_200Premium coffee
from crop-to-cup

In order to guarantee the best quality, we work closely together with farmers that grow our coffee beans.
This cooperation based on trust and carefulness allows us to monitor and improve our coffee constantly. The benefit for you is evident: a high-quality, sustainable product.

CupCino_Signet_200Perfect milk foam
and Latte Art quality

Wether you choose traditional Cappuccino, Macchiato or Latte or prefer trendy drinks such as Flat White, White Hill or Iced Coffee: all machines come equipped with our MIRACLE MILK FOAM system, that guarantees perfect milk frothing in different densities at the push of a button.

CupCino_Signet_200Plug&Play Modular

Our Barista ONE and Barista SOLO bean2cup coffee machines are based on a modular construction. This makes repairs fast and cost-efficient without needing technical staff.
Pre-Maintenance guarantees longevity thanks to an easy to use interface and web portal.

With more than 20 years in the business CUP&CINO is a proven expert in coffee machines and we’re always on hand to help our customers. Our knowledge and experience means you can trust CUP&CINO to help you create a coffee business without compromise.

Bean-To-Cup coffee machines
for every business:

Hotels, Resorts, Bars, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants with or without service,
Airport and Business Lounges, Corporations, Offices, Coworking and Office Spaces, Conference,
Petrol Stations, Retail Stores, Boutiques, Cinemas, Health Clubs, Gyms
and more…



Perfect for offices, retail stores, gyms, B&B hotels,
premium vending and small premises

●  10-50 cups a day
automatic grinder calibration
works with fresh milk
full-automatic self-cleaning system
under table 5-liter fridge included
●  optional payment solution with coins or cards

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Perfect for hotels, resorts, bakeries, airport lounges,
sport clubs and coffee shops.

●  50-400 cups a day
●  four hoppers for four different kinds of coffee

four grinders to prepare up to four drinks simultaneously
tea-water with 5 different temperatures
works with fresh milk
●  modular construction to reduce downtimes and service costs

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Barista SOLO

Perfect for restaurants, conference rooms, small hotels
or business environment with or without self service.

●  50-150 cups / day
●  two hoppers and two grinders

Miracle Milk Foam with fresh milk at the push of a button
tea-water with 5 different temperatures
●  automatic disposal for spent coffee and espresso grounds
●  modular construction to reduce downtimes and service costs

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Test our BARISTA quality for 14 days free of charge!

Not just Premium Coffee…

Higher sales with innovative ideas and strategies

CUP&CINO offers a convincing concept that helps you increase your sales approx. up to 20% and turn your customers into loyal fans.


Promotional merchandise and products used at the point of sale to promote your assortment: Posters, flyers, flags, dispensers, cups, napkins and more…


Eye-catching products and a wide range of advertising mugs, porcelain cups and branded drinkware provide an elegant exposure and one of the most effective marketing tools you can use.


Upgrade your sales with a stylish coffee shop atmosphere in your bakery, petrol station or retail store. We offer the right furniture for your needs, from slim to compact, to elegant and spacious. Optional fittings with digital signage and your own CI are available.


No limit to additional earnings with accompanying products! TEAaMO brings tea onto a whole new level with high quality china sets, double wall glass tea pots, a timer and a large variety of tea. LATTE PRALINO complements your Miracle Milk Foam system with plantation chocolate drops that can be stirred into hot milk or latte macchiato.

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