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As an online marketing agency, we are dedicated to offering top quality services at a good price. So why should we do things differently when it comes to coffee?

Following a test phase of about four weeks, our choice fell on the fully automated PURA Ci coffee machine. Apart from the option of selecting from about 20 different coffee specialities, it also has the benefit that it can prepare hot chocolate, vanilla milk or tea, for those who do not drink coffee. And, on top of this, our employees and customers greatly appreciate the good quality of the coffee.

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We were already positively impressed by the professional briefing provided by the barista during the installation of the CUP&CINO machine. With plenty of patience, he demonstrated and explained how to prepare the hot beverages and, quite literally, infected us with his enthusiasm for coffee. Even with our move to new business premises, the CUP&CINO service support came and helped us set up and reconnect the machine.

Dirk Preuten, CEO of conversionmedia Dinslaken.


Finding one’s way into sales talks is just so much simpler with a well-made cappuccino or a delicious latte macchiato.

Coffee immediately creates a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Especially when purchasing a car, customers would like to be sure that they are competently advised and it goes without saying that this takes plenty of time.

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This is why the feel-good factor plays a major role. It was important for us to ensure the coffee had the right quality. After all, we are selling top-quality cars, and this means we need top-quality coffee with plenty of aroma. We selected Pura Ci because this fully automated coffee machine is easy to clean, and we are very satisfied. Sometimes the milk powder does go slightly lumpy, thus a minor deduction in points, but in the event of any serious problems, the customer service support is on site in next to no time.

Audi Centre . Paderborn


We would simply like to thank you for the great cooperation.

The whole concept, fantastic coffee, great service and, especially, the wonderful barista trainings for the staff members, always help us very much.

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Thanks, among others, to our (and your) great coffee, Feinschmecker has honoured us as one of the most beautiful cafes in the whole of Germany and, by supporting us the way you did, you contributed to our success. Therefore, we would once again like to express our gratitude. We are looking forward to our move in summer together with you; to continued great cooperation and to a café that will be twice as big.
Owner Sandra Grabowski of Cafe . Glücksmoment . Hannover

Why CUP&CINO? Easy! It has the best coffee far and wide.

The beans are freshly roasted and, already when entering the café, one recognises the unique aroma: caffè and vanilla! What could be more tempting? The Pura C fully automated coffee machine leaves absolutely nothing to be desired! Just the touch of a button and the specialities are prepared within seconds. Delicious caffè crema, frothy cappuccino or the perfect latte macchiato.

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Chocolate lovers also get their money’s worth. With cocoa from the fully automated coffee machine or a delicious elegant latte praline that’s well worth the indulgence. Yes, this fully automated coffee machine can even make latte vanilla. What is more, the “TEAaMO” tea varieties have been carefully selected and offer a great variety for tea aficionados and gourmets. In summer, the ice function can also provide refreshing chilled beverages. Here, for instance, fresh coffee turns into a delicious ice-coffee. The extravagant range of crockery is a true eye-catcher. Therefore: all in all, it is perfect in every aspect.

Given the choice, I would always choose CUP&CINO, quite simply because it is the best in this area. And the coffee is simply delissimo!!!!!”
Kerstin Bannat, café owner, “Kinderfreundliches Café Tinchen”, Berlin

I was immediately convinced by the concept – the brand, the comprehensive product range and a good portion of lifestyle perfectly harmonise with me and this gastronomy concept.

Thanks to CUP&CINO, we now have a little bit of Brazilian flair, and this creates a wonderful atmosphere.
The bistro is used especially by waiting parents, whose children are attending a swimming course, or by hungry and thirsty swimming guests.

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Especially during the weekends, we have our work cut out for us. At these times the guests are actually queuing, and three of us are working together to ensure that we can serve all customers quickly. And, so as to satisfy the guests’ needs even faster during rush hour peaks, we have had two “Spectra Foam Masters” since September 2014. These high-performance and fully automated coffee machines are worth their weight in gold with the crowds.

Casten Todt, bistro owner in the Schwimmoper Paderborn Schwimmoper Paderborn

A great overall concept and perfect service.

With CUP&CINO we received a great overall concept for the coffee area. In my filling station, I now do not only have a top-grade and reliable coffee machine, but also some cosy coffee corner lounge furniture and canvas pictures for a great atmosphere.

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What is more, CUP&CINO supports me with campaigns such as, for instance, the car wash and coffee campaign. For every car wash, I offer the customers a coffee speciality for only €1.00. CUP&CINO provided me with all the advertising material needed for this campaign – which is a great value-added service. What I love most about CUP&CINO is their perfect service, time and again: from the placing of the order to the reaction times and right up to the personal support – absolutely everything is simply perfect and one always feels well looked after as a customer.

ARAL filling station Hövelhof