Spectra M

  • Mass brewer – from 200 cups of use per days


The Spectra M coffee machine offers a bean resevoir, out of which varying quantities can be freshly brewed. According to programmed brewing stages, the coffee machine automatically brews the required quantity.

More Facts

The Spectra M coffee machine is especially developed for large hotels with a breakfast option. No request for specialty coffee beverages remains unfulfilled, even by a 5 Star breakfast, in combination with the Spectra C. To maintain an optimal presence in the coffee scene, CUP&CINO has developed a Shop-in-Shop concept especially for premium hotels. According to size and platform of the location, up to 5 coffee machines can be integrated in a modular system. The hourly capacity is about800 cups of hot coffee beverages in premium quality.

Furthermore, the Spectra M is easily operated via a touch-screen display, on which all requested quantities can be programmed. The maximum supply amounts to two liters, which can respectively be reproduced in three minutes.

Spectra M Dimensions:

Length 300 mm, Width 580 mm, Height 710 mm