Portafilter coffee machine for high-end gastronomy

  • 2-4 brewing groups
  • 12 products at the push of a button
  • Automatic seconds indicator
  • Manuel milk foaming and auto stream
  • Controlling via precise billing per portion


  • Coffee and espresso (2 beans) and tea water
  • Warming device for cups integrated
  • Energy saving mode
  • Innovative self-diagnose program
  • No temperature deviation
  • Fixed fresh and waste water connections, and high voltage current needed
  • Ideal for coffee shops, bakeries and trending gastronomy
  • Latte Art to make your drinks stand out


More Facts

Our Macchiato Plus 12 is the perfect match for high-end gastronomy, that like to make their drinks stand out.

Our portafilter espresso machine provides two brewing groups with many specialties. Our Macchiato Plus 12 is the ideal coffee maker for modern coffee shops, large bakeries, exclusive hotels and trending gastronomy.

Every coffee blend has special demands in order to achieve best quality. With the Macchiato Plus 12, the temperature of each brewing group can be adjusted individually. That way, we guarantee excellent quality, as only when the temperature matches the coffee and espresso beans perfectly, all their great aromas can unfold. Temperature adjustments remain constant even at high frequencies.

Our in-house coffee academy will teach you all that is necessary to work the Macchiato Plus 12 perfectly and all that it takes to make a great cup of coffee. Moreover, we offer Latte Art trainings to teach you how to impress your guests with artistically garnished cappuccini. Latte Art trainings are free of charge for our customers.