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Barista Lattico 850

  • Excellent milk froth hot & cold
  • Fully automated cleaning system
  • Intuitive touch display
  • Two Instant products (cocoa and vanilla)

Profitable from 8 cups a day!

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The Barista Lattico 850 – our coffee maker for professionals from 100 cups a day.

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Rent per day incl. Technical Service Package: 6,92 €


Retail price per cup = Approx. 2,20 €
Minus VAT 19% = 0,35 € 1,85 €
Coffee per portion (considering graduation) = 0,22 € 1,63 €
Sugar, milk, etc. = 0,05 € 1,58 €
Your contribution margin = 1,58 €
Costs (10,93 : 1,58) = 6,92 cups


Profitable from 7 cups a day!

From 100 cups a day, the Barista Lattico 850 will be your expert coffee maker. You coffee will taste like hand-made by the barista! Own roasting techniques make our coffee the perfect match for the machines. The creamy milk forth is can be used for Latte Art and is available in hot and cold. Impress your customers with artistic milk forth toppings and an exceptionally wide range of products! At the push of a button, hot and cold beverages will be ready to serve. Hot chocolate, vanilla milk, Iced Cappuccino and Iced Macchiato Caramel are as quickly available as the classic Espresso. Despite the icredible variety and the fresh milk supply, cleaning the Barista Lattico 1000 is remarkably easy: Extract milk container – insert cleaning container – start cleaning mode. Done!

Our Barista Lattico 850 is a highlight for catering businesses, as well as for large offices and other businesses that value great coffee and a large variety.

Please ask our staff for advise and find the ideal coffee maker for your demands.

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Always included: CUP&CINO system advantages

With us, you rent or buy more than just a coffee maker.
We take care of all factors, that make coffee a delight.