• For an average use of 3-50 cups per day 18 products
  • Milk products from new durable-milk (Granulatte)
  • Cocoa-dispenser
  • Can function
  • Tank or fixed water supply


  • all products in 2 sizes
  • Quick service thanks remote maintenance (telemetry)
More Facts

CUP&CINO´s Chicco – the best way to start the week! The coffee machine for businesses and offices who want to bring the life back to Mondays. CUP&CINO brings its expertise from gastronomy to the office, of course with our Full-Service Package and in expected premium quality.

What the Chicco can do?

  • 18 products like Caffè Crema, cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, cocoa and more by the touch of a button
  • Best milk foam by Granulatte, milk granules without sugar or additives, made of 100% healthy skimmed milk, no need to clean the milk dispenser = time saving!
  • Can function for meetings
  • 2 product sizes
  • Telemetrics – a new technology for competent service through wireless remote maintenance – even faster now.
  • Card payment system available. No need for change, no need for kitty.
  • Counter for precise calculations of consumed portions for the most accurate controlling. All expenses, rents and portion consumptions are tax deductable.
  • Offering a complete sustainable coffee shop in the office. In cooperation with Spaga, the BRITA quality water dispenser for fresh fizzy soda water with a convenient water connection, Chicco can take over the entire supply of healthy drinking for customers and employees.
  • Always available – the Full-Service Package takes over the installation of the coffee machine, all spare parts and technician hours.
  • Environment friendly – Chicco requires no small plastic packaging, caps or pads

Inspiration and motivation for your employees and customers through premium delight