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Barista Lattico 400


Rent per day: 4,93 €
incl. Technical Service Package


Calculation Barista Lattico 400

Retail price per cup = ca. 2,00 €
Minus V.A.T. 19%* = 0,32 € 1,68 €
Coffee (acc. graduation) = 0,23 € 1,45 €
Sugar, milk, etc. = 0,07 € 1,38 €
Yor gross margin = 1,38 €
Costs (4,93 : 1,38) = 3,6 cups


Profitable from the 4th cup a day!

Barista Lattico 600


Rent per day: 7,93 €
incl. Technical Service Package


Calculation Barista Lattico 600

Retail price per cup = ca. 2,00 €
Minus V.A.T. 19%* = 0,32 € 1,68 €
Coffee (acc. graduation) = 0,22 € 1,46 €
Sugar, milk, etc. = 0,07 € 1,39 €
Your gross margin = 1,39 €
Costs (7,93 : 1,39) = 5,7 cups


Profitable from the 6th cup a day!

Barista Lattico 850


Rent per day: 10,93 €
incl. Technical Service Package


Calculation Barista Lattico 850

Retail price per cup = ca. 2,20 €
Minus V.A.T. 19% = 0,35 € 1,85 €
Coffee (acc. graduation) = 0,22 € 1,63 €
Sugar, milk, etc. = 0,05 € 1,58 €
Your gross margin = 1,58 €
Costs (10,93 : 1,58) = 6,92 cups


Profitable from the 7th cup a day!

Make profit from the long-standing gastronomy experience of CUP&CINO.

Thanks to the successful business of our own coffee houses we offer you something very valuable – a coffee concept, which reliability is proved. Make our highest standards to your own:


Maximum freshness because of premium coffee beans, that arrived at our customers within 10 days of being roasted. Perfect set portafilters or fully automatic machines because of our service. And fast technical advices if necessary. So that your business is a success!

First-class for your turnover:

• Quality and choice which your guests will appreciate

• Promotion ideas and highest modern standards

• Individual consultation – also with gastronomy regulations

Test us for 14 days without commitment! For example our new BusinessCLASS: Easy cleaning and best barista quality milk foam in hot and cold!

Well supplied with all you need

self-cleaning system

First pleasure, than no work! Thanks to the new developed cleaning-technology there is no time-consuming clean process anymore. And only one push of a button is the beginning of your comfortable future.

drink diversity

Everything from one source: With our tea specialitys TEAaMO and the hot chocolate Latte Pralino (from the finest cacao beans from the best cacao plantations) you already have the whole part of hot beverages with CUP&CINO you need for your menu. And even here we attach value to high-quality and tasteful products.

Service Package

Responsive in every respect: within the bounds of the technology carefree package our technicians stand with advice and action aside. Starting from the first installation of the machine and instructions to the fast problem solving in case of a technical malfunction. So you can focus on your core business!


Our machines for the gastronomy

for 10-50 cups a day

for 20-70 cups a day

for 50-100 cups a day

from 100 cups a day

Enjoy the new BusinessCLASS rent-free for 14 days