Coffee as a work of art

How it works

CUP&CINO Konzept: Beste Kaffeebohnen aus besten Anbaugebieten

premium coffee beans

First-class coffee from the finest cultivvation areas worldwide, roasted in Switzerland and shipped to our customers within ten days.

CUP&CINO Konzept: Kaffeesysteme

coffee machines

Perfectly adjusted for great milk froth and delightful coffee. We offer fully automatic coffee makers for service or self-service.

CUP&CINO Konzept Technik-Sorglos-Paket

technical service package

The TSP – Technical Service Package – covers all maintenance and repairs necessary. With a short response time and qualified staff, our service team is always ready when it counts.

CUP&CINO Konzept: Qualität und Geschmack

Why we offer a coffeeCONCEPT?

To prepare the perfect coffee all components need to be optimal coordinated:

  • The perfect coffee bean! The bean has to be roasted and picked according to the demands of a coffee machine to contain a unique and full-bodied taste.
  • Perfectly trained employees! Our service staff knows exactly where the machine can be adjusted to meet your needs. You choose the taste of your coffee.